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No DISABILTY should define you because God is able to make you Shine Brighter and go Higher.
Join a Team of Young People Working Together to Impact Lives.
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Vision Statement

To create a world where there is no stigmatization of people living mental illnesses as well as increased knowledge on mental health.


To lead a positive change to create a more informed public equipped with information about theirs and others mental health and contribute to the well being of people with mental health issues.



Via online and offline we create blog contents videos pictures and organize events geared towards promoting acceptance and reducing stigmatization and discrimination


We understand that the level of awareness is shockingly low. We via our education areas would educate the masses on information concerning their mental health and its importance through trainings on mental health first aid conferences campaigns and other activities.


We link volunteers, and those requiring medical intervention and care to helpful centers such as NGOs, special centers and Private Healthcare centers(PHCs). More so, seasoned experts, organizations are also strategically positioned to reach this Volunteers and those with special needs.


Protostar;s affliates are your best source of information and support and where the person in need is helped directly.

Active Projects

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We are currently in need of man-power to stay functional, create value and impact others’. The volunteer icon would lead to the volunteers page.